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Thank you for coming to visit our website and we hope to see you in person soon.

If we saw you over Christmas, we trust that you had a good time of fellowship with us, and we would love to see you again

Just as a reminder - there is no evening service on the 31st December!

Once we all get settled back into our normal routines, why not come along on a Tuesday morning for a cup of tea and a chat?  Or bring the little ones along to Songs and Stories? Or what about the monthly Cafe Inspire, held jointly with the Anglican church, in the school hall.  

For details of all of these events, see the Services and Events section

We welcome you to our church, the building of which is located in the beautiful village of Shrivenham, at the western end of the village shops and we look forward to seeing you at one of our weekly events.

The building in which we worship was completed in 1860, and over the years has been extended and modernised as the congregation grew. Inside the building you will find a warmly welcoming congregation of mixed ages meeting for Worship at 10.30am and at 6.30pm (on all Sunday evenings except the first in the month, when we support the afternoon Worship of the nearby Church at Longcot).

Our Worship is Bible-based and Christ-centred. We provide NIV seat bibles for use during worship. We provide a creche for little ones and Sunday School provision for slightly older children. Our evening Worship is mainly Bible-Study, discussion based, with a smaller number of people. We aim to apply the Bible to the whole of our lives and to live out its vital message. Our overall aim is to know Christ and make him known, and we seek to grow both spiritually and numerically.

We support the Swindon Convention .

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